Interface Reportable

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FileLogger, GenericServer, JAASAuthenticator, LRUCache, ParametersService, QuoteHandler, SimplePool, TCPDaytimeHandler, TCPDiscardHandler, TCPEchoHandler, TCPChargenHandler, TCPTimeHandler, UDPDaytimeHandler, UDPDiscardHandler, UDPEchoHandler, UDPChargenHandler, UDPTimeHandler

public interface Reportable

Provides service report.

A Service should implement this interface if it can provide a textual information about its current state. Other parts of the application can query the service for its state, mainly for displaying it to a human user. The report may include the current transition state, operational statistics, service configuration details, etc.

Method Summary
 java.lang.String report()
          Returns the service report.

Method Detail


public java.lang.String report()
Returns the service report.

current service state in a human-readable format

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