Class EveryonePrincipal

  extended bySK.gnome.dwarf.auth.GenericPrincipal
      extended bySK.gnome.dwarf.auth.RolePrincipal
          extended bySK.gnome.dwarf.auth.EveryonePrincipal
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class EveryonePrincipal
extends RolePrincipal

This class implements a Principal representing any user.

The constant INSTANCE can be used instead of creating a new instance each time.

Note that each object instance has a fixed name "EVERYONE", regardless of the name argument passed in to the public constructor.

Field Summary
static EveryonePrincipal INSTANCE
          The principal instance.
Constructor Summary
EveryonePrincipal(java.lang.String name)
          Creates a new EveryonePrincipal.
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Field Detail


public static final EveryonePrincipal INSTANCE
The principal instance.

Constructor Detail


public EveryonePrincipal(java.lang.String name)
Creates a new EveryonePrincipal.

Each object instance will have a fixed name "EVERYONE", regardless of the name argument passed in to the constructor.

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