Package SK.gnome.dwarf

Provides core framework classes.


Interface Summary
Parameters Provides service parameters.
Reportable Provides service report.
Server Provides core functionality of a service container.
Service Provides core functionality of a service.
Stoppable Provides an ability to stop and restart the service.

Class Summary
Constants Provides global system constants.
GenericServer Provides a generic Server implementation.
GenericService Provides a generic Service implementation.
ParametersService Provides a generic Parameters implementation.

Exception Summary
IllegalServiceClassException This exception indicates an illegal service type.
ServiceException General exception thrown by the services.

Package SK.gnome.dwarf Description

Provides core framework classes.

The Service and Server interfaces can be used for developing a complex hierarchical structure of servers and services, which can together form a service-based application.

A Service is a basic logical operational unit. It can serve the other services as a standalone service, or can work in a "team of services". Various kinds of services can be grouped together to form a higher-level logical unit, which we call a Server. Servers may contain one or more another services of different types, of course.

The GenericService and GenericServer abstract classes are basic implemenations of these interfaces. All the remain services of the framework are derived from these two generic clases. However, the developer can create her own implementations of the Service and Server interfaces and use them in the tight cooperation with the rest of the framework.

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