Package SK.gnome.dwarf.tcpip

Provides generic TCP/IP services.


Class Summary
InetHost This class represents a range of Internet hosts.
InetHostSet This class represents a set of Internet host ranges.
Listener Abstract service for receiving client requests.
MulticastUDPListener Service for receiving multicast client datagrams.
NioTCPHandler Non-blocking service for handling the client requests.
SSLListener Service for receiving SSL/TLS client connections.
TCPHandler Abstract service for handling client connections.
TCPIPConstants Provides global TCP/IP constants.
TCPIPServer Provides generic TCP/IP server.
TCPListener Service for receiving client connections.
TCPRequest Abstract client request for the non-blocking servers.
UDPHandler Abstract service for handling client datagrams.
UDPListener Service for receiving client datagrams.

Package SK.gnome.dwarf.tcpip Description

Provides generic TCP/IP services.

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