Dwarf HTTP Server 1.3.3

Frequently Asked Questions



1. Missing sun.tools package error

This error is represented either by a warning message while starting the server, or a "javax.servlet.ServletException: sun/tools/javac/Main" exception throwed when a JSP page is requested. It is caused by the Jasper compiler embedded in the Dwarf HTTP Server because it uses the Sun's javac compiler to compile the JSP servlets. However, the package containing the compiler is included in the Java 2 Software Development Kit (JSDK) only, and is not part of the Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE). Therefore, if you are trying to run the HTTP server on a computer where only JRE is installed, you may get this error message.


  1. install the JDK if it is not installed yet
  2. find the tools.jar file in the JDK's library directory and copy it to the lib/ext/ subdirectory of the Dwarf installation

An alternative way is to use the Jikes compiler instead of the default Sun's compiler. This is covered in details by the Configuration Guide.

Note: if you are not going to use JSP in your web applications, neither JDK or tools.jar is required for running the HTTP server.


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