Package SK.gnome.dwarf.mail.mime

Provides MIME parser and builders.


Interface Summary
MimePart Provides base interface for MIME parts.
SharedInputStreamSource Provides a stream source for the StreamMimePart.

Class Summary
Address Provides a representation of RFC 822 address.
FileSource Provides file-based shared input stream source.
MimeMessageBuilder Provides a helper class to build MIME messages.
MimePartBuilder Provides a MimePart builder.
MimeUtility Provides various MIME-related methods.
StreamMimePart Provides a stream-based MimePart implementation.
StreamSource Provides memory-based shared input stream source.

Exception Summary
AddressException This exception is throws in the case of a syntactically incorrect RFC822 address.
MimeException This exception indicates a MIME syntax error.

Package SK.gnome.dwarf.mail.mime Description

Provides MIME parser and builders.

Copyright (c) 2004-2005, Gnome Ltd. All rights reserved.