Dwarf Mail Server 1.1.3




Since the Dwarf Mail Server is a Dwarf-based application, the base Dwarf Server Framework distribution must be installed on your computer first. You will need Dwarf 1.2.x or higher for this version of mail server.

The following additional extensions are required:

These extensions are bundled with the distribution package by default.


  1. Install the Dwarf Server Framework distribution. In order to do it you will need a base Dwarf distribution zipfile. The distribution files are typically named dwarf-X.Y.Z, where X.Y is the important version number. You will need Dwarf version 1.2.x. You can download all distribution files from the Gnome Ltd. web site.

  2. Extract the Dwarf Mail Server distribution to the directory where you extracted the base Dwarf distribution previously. All files must reside in the same "dwarf-X.Y" subdirectory.

  3. All required should extensions reside in the "lib/ext/" subdirectory of the Dwarf installation. An alternative place for these extensions may be the "lib/ext/" subdirectory of JRE's installation home. Currently the JavaMail and Java Activation Framework estensions are required only.

  4. The "conf/" subdirectory of the Dwarf installation home is a place for the live configuration files, used by the Dwarf-based applications. It is empty by default. The sample configuration files related to the Mail Server may be found in the "conf/samples/mail/" subdirectory.This directory contains several subdirectories with configuration files required by the particular sample mail servers.

  5. Edit the "conf/samples/mail/smtp/smtp.xml" file first and adjust the required parameters according to your actual network host configuration. Those few parameters are commented with the noticable "EDIT HERE!!!" lines.

    Optionally, you may also edit the "conf/samples/mail/pop/pop.xml" and "conf/samples/mail/imap/imap.xml" files, although it is not required for the sample setup.

  6. Make sure that no TCP/IP service is currently listening on the standard SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 ports. That basically means you have no running mail service on the installation target host.

  7. Run the sample application with the "run.bat" command on Windows or the "run.sh" command on Unix system:
        C:\Dwarf> run.bat conf/samples/mail/server/main.xml
          -- or --
        localhost:/usr/dwarf# ./run.sh conf/samples/mail/server/main.xml
    Note: If you get the "Out of environment space" error message on Windows 9x, try the "run98.bat" instead.

  8. The mail server should be now running and ready for incoming SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 connections. Use your favorite mail client and create a mail account with "joe" user name and "asdf" password. Do not forget to set the SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 server name to "your.mail.host", where "your.mail.host" is the actual host name of the server. Now you should be able to access the mailbox via POP3 or IMAP4 client program and send a message from your mail client to "joe@your.mail.host" address.
    IMPORTANT: you must try to access the mailbox via POP3/IMAP4 first since it will create it automatically. Then, you may try to send a message to the sample user.

  9. The application log files, including the mail transfer logs, can be found in the "log/" subdirectory of the Dwarf installation home.


See the Mail Server Configuration Guide for more information about the server configuration.


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