Package SK.gnome.dwarf.auth.login

Provides login modules.


Interface Summary
PasswordEncoder Provides encoding and comparing of user passwords.

Class Summary
BasicCallbackHandler Provides the basic username/password callback handler.
CleartextPasswordEncoder Password encoder for the unencoded passwords.
CryptPasswordEncoder Password encoder based on the Unix crypt command.
DenyLoginModule This module always denies the access.
GenericLoginModule This class provides a generic login module.
JDBCLoginModule This login module reads user data from a SQL database.
MD5CryptPasswordEncoder Password encoder based on the MD5 crypt algorithm.
MD5PasswordEncoder Password encoder based on the MD5 digest.
PermitLoginModule This module always permits access.
PlaintextLoginModule The login module based on a plaintext file.
UnixLoginModule The login module based on the standard Unix password files.

Package SK.gnome.dwarf.auth.login Description

Provides login modules.

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