Package SK.gnome.dwarf.main.cmd

Provides console commands.


Class Summary
CSCmd Changes the current working service.
DebugCmd Controls generating of the debugging messages.
DumpCmd Dumps a file to the output.
ExecCmd Executes a batch command script.
HelpCmd Prints a help on the commands.
LSCmd Prints a list of the contained services.
NSLookupCmd Performs a DNS lookups.
ParamCmd Prints or sets the service parameters.
PasswdCmd Encrypts a single password.
PolicyCmd Refreshes the security policies.
PropertiesCmd Lists the system properties.
ReportCmd Prints the service report.
RestartCmd Restarts the main server.
ShutdownCmd Shuts down the main server.
ThreadsCmd Prints a list of active threads.
TraceCmd Controls generating of the tracing messages.

Package SK.gnome.dwarf.main.cmd Description

Provides console commands.

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