Dwarf Mail Server 1.1.3




Dwarf Mail Server is a full-featured mail server with SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 support and a powerful built-in infrastructure for application message processing.

Main features:

See installation instructions for the system requirements.

Release Notes

New features and changes in version 1.1.3:

This is only a maintenance version with some bugfixes and minor improvements.


Please report bugs via the Gnome Ltd. web site.

Web Pages

See the company web site for more information about the Dwarf Mail Server and other products.


Overview of distribution files:

     README-1ST.MAIL.txt - basic information and the quick start guide
     index_mail.html     - entry point to the product documentation

     conf/samples/mail/java.policy            - Java policy
     conf/samples/mail/jaaa.policy            - subject-based policy
     conf/samples/mail/java_restricted.policy - restricted Java policy

     conf/samples/mail/xxxxx/ - configuration files for the sample applications

     lib/dwarf_mail.jar   - Dwarf Mail Server class library
     doc/mail/      - product documentation
     doc/mail/api/  - API documentation

     www/samples/mail/ - web content of the sample applications


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