Services provided by Gnome
Gnome provides a variety of software development services tailored to the individual client.
With nearly 10 years of experience with Java platform on both server and client side we can offer unbeatable quality and price vs. performance ratio for software development subcontracts.
We are providing expertise in all Java platform editions from J2ME to J2EE and most of other Java related technologies including WebStart, JNI and legacy code integration. We are able to test the software on many operating systems including different MS Windows versions, Linux, BSD and MacOS.
Since the very first version of unix based MacOS X we are providing also development services for Apple operating systems. We are able to use both C/C++/ObjectiveC and Java for Cocoa programming.
Thanks to development of technically innovative XSLT processor code-named HOBIT operating on both XML data and SQL databases we have also deep knowledge of all XML related technologies.
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